Spring potato offers individuals/companies exclusive area development rights. The individuals can sell sub franchisees in the specified area on behalf of Spring Potato. As spring potato being the original manufacturer for the machines we have constant R &D which helps in boasting the product ,time to time.spring potato offers full knowledge and training on the products.

Exclusive Area Development right
The company or individulal who is granted exclusive development right for particular geographical area has right to issue N number for sub franchisees and is responsible for all areas of business operations like management / accounts / legal issues / day to day operations. We don’t charge you royalty fees,don’t impose on accounts. All the business in your area is yours.you have complete freedom on the business and can expand.No one else can market or sell spring potato products with in the territory specified to you.

With exclusive rights you can develop business in many ways like
*Open your own outlets as an monopoly.
*Selling franchisees who want to start up the kiosk in the shopping centre.
*Sell machines to existing business food / mobile kiosks
*Rent the machines on the events
And more…

Spring potato insists to buy stocks directly instead of third party on regular basis.Also not to sell the goods in the area not specified.If any outlet/shop is already using the spring potato machines in your area.All the future supplies will be sold by you.we also insist not to alter the logos/trademarks.

Spring potato is very careful in selecting exclusive distributors. The most important criteria will be a strong net worth and established sales, marketing, and management experience.

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