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Spring potato is made using the Chip Twister Machine, potatoes, skewers and a deep fryer.With in 3min and you can season with our delicious powdered flavors. Spring Potato is a new and exiting way to eat fried potatoes on sticks. Tornado fries a delicious Chipstix on skewer. Tornado Fries Cutter introduces a new style of enjoying hot & delicious chips on a bamboo skewer. All of us love potatoes with a TWIST and also you and your customers. Tornado Fries machine has a very high profit margin and you can expect ROI (return on investment) in few months. We invite all Snack bars, Fast food kiosks and Mobile food Franchisers    interested in this great opportunity to contact us as soon as possible as stocks are limited due to high interest in Chip Twister on skewer. Tornado fries franchises have low start up and running high cost. Fun with extremely tasty Chipstix maker can be enjoyed throughout all seasons. Chiptwister won’t let u down assuring that customers come back for more fun, appetizing and easy to manage. Tornado Fries Cutter reinvents a potato into an attractively mouth-watering experience. You can change a plain potato in a few seconds into a beautiful tasteful tornado fries on stick. Many people who bought a chiptwister Slicer started selling Chipstix and they are making over 2000% profit on each sale. Chip Twister (also called Chipstix Potato or Apple Twisters, Spiral Potato or Spiral Apples Espiropapa or Patata Tornado) has been discovered a few years ago .
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