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Remember the tornado potato? That strange spiral-cut potato that's skewered and deep-fried? The street-food treat found in Seoul, South Korea? Well, it looks like the tornado potato has finally made it Stateside

The Tornado Potato is demolishing, destroying and dynamiting hungry souls at fairs, festivals and fun-loving events across the United States. Look for it at the next county or state fair in your neck of the wow!!!!

You will likely snap one up in a hurry just for the sheer entertainment value of being able to take photos of this new-fangled concoction and gab about it all weekend long. Take some pics of it with your Apple iPhone and send it to all your Facebook friends.

What is the Tornado Potato?

The Tornado Potato is simply a full-size potato that has been cut in a spiral manner so that there are large round potato slices. Then all of the slices are skewered by a long, thin wooden stick. Next the whole thing is deep-fried similar to the process of cooking French fries.

A special cutting device is able to slice the potato into spiral shapes and the bamboo skewer helps keep all of the slices together, The slices are fried in hot oil and the end result is a sort of merger or combination of the best of French fries and large round potato chips.

one vendor who sells these scrumptious delights in New Jersey has described part of the beauty of a Tornado Potato is the fact that the fried slices of potato stick to the skewer and you can just hold it up to your mouth and take bites as you walk around. This can also be a negative because of the fact that it easily can be shared with others, in contrast to something like a hot dog or hamburger.

The Tornado Potato has different local names. Some people refer to it as the Twist Potato while others name it the Tornado Tater, Twisted Potato, Tornado Fries, or even Twisty Tornado Fries