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Our reliable easy to use spiral potato cutter is in use for 5 years.Incorporate our electrical chipstix machine in you own business.by doing so you would be offering a great product in your menu potato stick or spiral potatoWe DO NOT charge royalties, contract or separate development fees for chiptwister machine .but support you with all the rawmaterials,machine and training. Spiral potato cutter is the ultimate fried potato with a twist .The great tasting chiptwister,twisted potato and equally great looking potato snack is created using our potato cutter.its also known as chipstix snack.chiptwister(spring potato cutter) is a new and exiting way to eat fried potatoes. It is a delicious spiral potato on a bamboo skewer. After you have had sprinkled it with 1 of the 50 available flavoured spiral fry cutter machine well designed and aesthetically pleasing potato cutting machine is what makes the normal potato into the great looking and tasty snack that is chiptwister ..People Love Hot fried potato chips they will LOVE spring potatoThe potato spiral cutter Machine is used to turn an ordinary unpeeled potato into a great looking and delicious potato snack with a TWIST in less than 10 seconds. This potato tornado snack is then fried like normal Hot Chips in a fryer and can then be enjoyed by sprinkling 1 the the unique flavoured spring potato salts onto it and picking off the slices from the skewer. This great Chipstix kind snack can be enjoyed by your customers while on the move anytime of the year.The potato spiral fry snack is made from a medium sized potato, which has been washed but not peeled. The ribbon fry TWIST slices are only 4mm thick, less than half the thickness of regular potato chips. This means that the Chipstix potato snack fries much quicker, getting the snack to your customers much faster.