Bussiness Tips & Customer Comments

our chip twister machine which makes spiral potato also known as tornado potato cutter can be put on stick like spiral potato potato on stick.This chip twister can be incorporated in any business.people love to see this twisted potato which is nicely arranged on potato stick.


Our sprial  similar machine is the smallest machine in the world.This chiptwister machine can cut unlimited number of potato in spiral shape.you can surely call it as innovative potato cutter.if you compare it with French fry cutter,ribbon fry cutter,spiral fry cutter this chiptwister machine surely does best business than others.Tornado potato cutter is also useful for home purpose as its small in size and of low cost.No other chiptwister machine is made of fully stainless steel.We offer lifetime spare part replacement warranty for this chipstix kind machine.The blade of chips on stick machine is hardened so give unlimited number of cuts.