Bussiness Tips & Customer Comments

Operating instructions are supplied by way of step-by-step photos, of how the machine works and how to make a Chip Twister.
You simply use a hard raw washed potato, pierce it with the skewer, put it through the machine and there you have it, a Chip Twister. You can make hundreds per day - with no effort!
When the Chip Twister is spread out on the skewer stick, fry in oil at 180 degrees for about 3 minutes, or until it is firm. Add salt and spices, and serve hot to customers.

Our versatile electric Chip Twister machine can now be used to make this fantastic new product called Sausage Twister.
Make two products from the same machine, so double your profits without any additional capital outlay.
Sausage Twisters will appeal to consumers of all ages and is the ideal new snack meal!

With our unique easy to use electric indoor fryer there is no need for expensive air extraction, ducting or canopy, as the fryer has its own built in replaceable filter. This counter model takes up very little space and is approved worldwide for indoor use. The fryer is single phase and can be used at any electrical point and installed by an electrician.

The combination of our fryer and Chip Twister machine is all you need to put you into business at any location - no need for fixed premises. Also ideal for adding to any small business where no air extraction is possible or has been installed. Simply add Chip Twister to the menu, by buying the fryer and the Chip Twister machine