Bussiness Tips & Customer Comments

Become part of our rapidly growing chip twister franchise where our passion for the perfect fried potato will never burn out! All of our products are chiptwister branded and exclusively manufactured for chiptwister Franchisees. We offer fast food franchises, kiosks, deep fryers, popcorn machines, electronic chiptwister machines, hotdog machines, bamboo skewers and much more including a range of disposal items. Please contact us anytime for more information on this fantastic Fast Food Franchise business opportunity for sale. We are able to assist with startup information as well as offer ongoing after sales care as part of your package when joining the tornado cutter machine global family.

You can cut these potatoes into any length spiral. The standard spiral chips we sell in world are with the 30cm bamboo skewers, any length skewer will work, as long as it is 5mm thick. For a hungry client, with money to spend, the chipdog option is becoming the favourite.

These commercial potato cutters cut the tornadoes on the skewers, so there is no need to transfer the potatoes after cutting a tornado potato into a twister shaped chip/money maker

Then you'll just need to look into getting a long enough deep fryer to accommodate that size skewer.

Many of our clients use the small deep fryers that can be found at Game or Makro etc. They have a few of these electric deepfryers next to each other. With longer skewers, you'll need a bigger fryer

"For revolutionary food, one must hit the streets. At a stand in busy Myeongdong(Seoul, South Korea), I tried the tornado potato, a single spud carved into a helix of starch, then skewered, deep-fried and sprinkled with salt and powdered cheese..."