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• FAQ:
You can use any length of skewer, but it must be with a 5mm diameter.
Spiral Apples can NOT be cut, no Appletwisters or applestix yet. Our units can double as potato slicers or mandolines though.

Becoming popular is the potato on a sausage or potato on a vienna - Chip Dog.
Take one of the spiralled potatoes, as in the pictures above, remove the stick from the cut potato before opening it. Then take a potato peeler or 'apple core remover' and enlarge the hole in the middle to the size of the vienna or sausage. Insert the vienna/russian into the spiral potato and open as if on a stick. These Chip Dogs will take some practise, you don't want the sausage too thin as it will burn to a crisp before the potato.
a Straight foot long Smoked vienna or russia

Remember to cut the skin of the sausage/vienna/russian before putting it into the oil. The fun is in the tasting of your new products, so have fun and have a business with this new business idea.
• The bamboo skewer is not re-inserted after the sausage was inserted.
• When I say potato peeler, it is to enlarge the inside of the spiral, so NO potato peeling on the outside is done.

Typical spice flavours in South Africa would be:
• Salt and Vinegar spice
• Sour Cream spice
• BBQ spice
• Chaka-laka spice (hot)
• Biltong flavoured spices - if you don't know what biltong is, bypass this spice.
Visit your local cinema, and see which popcorn spices they use. Get the same, they spent tons of money on market research.

Maintenance: Our stainless steel chip slicer, does not rust, no plastic to break and no springs to go soft. This is a commercial unit, and our Warranty/Guarantee can be seen here.

Always improving our mahince which can turn into twisted chips / potato spirals / chips stichipsticks) / curly chip / Chipdog / twister shaped sticks / Tornado potatoes / Chip twista / curley chip maker

We now offer the concept of "Chips on a stick" as a complete mobile trailer with everything that is needed to trade with this great new product.
This sensational new product has achieved great success in a very short period of time and is now the NUMBER ONE on the hit parade with regard to business opportunities.