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The trailer and other names of Espiropapa or patata tornado

• Chip Stick - Aartappel op Sosatie stok (stokke) - Chipsticks
• Chip Twister - Aartappel gedraai op stokkie - ChipTwister
• ChipDog or Tater Dog - ook met ons spiraal aartappel snyer
• Hierdie aartappel op 'n stokkie is baie gewild. As mens kyk na die Rittelfeees 2006, dan is die geadverteerde spiral stalletjies
• Chipstix trailer - With Chipstix or Chip stix on chip skewers - potato chip skewers that is. This chipstix trailer is going all over the country and is owned by Steven. His home base is in the Jhb area, so if you want him to sell his Chipstix in your area, just send me an email and I'll give you his contact number. His chip stix potatoes are sold from the original Chipstix trailer.
• Chip & Dip bought from us, so they also see the potential of an affordable product for their chip trailers. So perhaps Australia will have a Chip 'n Dip franchise in the future - if not, buy the cutters directly from us...
• I saw a Chip King selling twisters at the Burgersdorp summer festival during October 2006, so what does all these people know that you 'might' not know yet? These chiptwisters were as popular as always.
• If you can dip a chip then you can also dip a spiral - and make money.
• Also called Espiropapa or patata tornado. These espiropapas you'll find in places like Spain/Mexico/Brazil

.In Holland/the Netherlands, they describe a spiral like this: (Spiraal aardappel snijer) --> (aartappel snyer in Afrikaans)
- ongeschilde aardappel aan een stokje te rijgen en door middel van een spiraal snijer machine de aardappel aan stokje te spiraliseren.