Bussiness Tips & Customer Comments

How to start a potato chip business:
Let's make a spiral, step-by-step. From potato to ready for the deep fryer - "Chips on a stick" as a twisted potato. Cut a curl potato with our Potato Cutter. These curly fries are not the ribbon fry chips you cut with a potato ribbon slicer, which you get overseas. (Where the ribbon fries look like spaghetti, these are solid spiral slices of potato - ie. you can ALSO use our stainless steel blade as a Mandoline, by slicing the potato by hand.)

Quality: Our machines also work for the 40cm skewers you find with us - compared to the short 28cm skewer from the other Chip Traders, make money by selling for the same price or even less? Don't say 'Chips on a stick', but 'Chips on a STICK' or 'Chips on a SKEWER'

Ever heard someone say: 'Keep it simple'?