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Questions On Potatoes,skewers ,complete process of making the Spring Potato

What kind of potatoes can be used for the machine?
All kinds of potatos available around world can be used for this machine.The potato can cut any kind of potato.It can even cut hard vegetables similar to potato.Large and small size potato can be used to cut.Always prefer potatoes with low water content for faster fry.

Do we need to peel the potato before cutting?what happens if peeled potato used.
No need to peel the potato.It must be washed throughly before cutting.
Even the peeled potato can be cut and used.But generally not necessary to peel the Potato.

Why should we cut little bit flat at the back of potato?
The potato must be gripped to the gripper of the machine.So the potato need to cut a bit flat for perfect grip.

what size of skewers to be used?
Any size of skewer can be used from 20cm to 70cm and diameter should be 4mm to 6mm.
Generally 35 cm skewer is good enough for regular size potato.But if you have bigger skewers in your country you can use it for our machine.

Does the skewer burn in oil?what is the skewer made of?Is skewer hot after frying?
Do we need to full dip the skewer in oil and how do we take it from oil The skewer is made of matured bamboo and it is perfectly rounded.The bamboo doesnt burn in hot oil. Even after frying the bamboo skewer is not so hot.The skewer comes to normal temp in just 20-30 sec after frying.So customer can hold the skewer and eat. Note-Only good matured bamboo dont retain oil.Use matured bamboo sticks,which doesnt remain hot even after frying.
The whole skewer should be fully immersed in oil.And it need to taken out by pair of tongs.

Is there any automatic process to expand the potato on stick?
NO..The potato need to be expand on stick by hand.Its very easy and can be easily learned in just 1 day practice.

What kind of oil is best to use for  production and how much oil is needed for the machine?
Palm oil is the best oil as it is neutral in taste and can maintain high temperatures for longer without giving off smoke. The Single fryer  has a 7-8 litre oil reservoir and the Double Fryer has a 13-15 litre oil reservoir. You need to refill the oil it the quantity of oil is decreasing the markup limit. Even sunflower oil can also be used.

How long does it take for the oil to heat up?what is the perfect fry temperature?How much time does it take to fry?
The oil takes around 12 – 15 minutes to heat up (depending on outside temperature). This is just enough time to prepare your first stick of the day. The perfect fry temperature would be between 160-190 degrees. Once the potato skewer is dipped in the oil it takes 3-4 min for a perfect fry. Any how it depends on the quality of potato.If there is more moisture/water in potato it takes longer time of fry.

Are chips crispy,soft ?
Well it all depends on the customer taste.If the customer needs cripy fry it more longer.But it tastes great when soft or cripsy.

What is Magic flour and Is it needed for every stick?
Magic flour is an secret Receipe which gives extra taste. Add water to magic flour and put it in an tray. Once the Potato is cut and expanded on stick.The stick is immeresed in the mixture of magic flour Some people may prefer with out magic flour so that the stick is served with out it.

How long does it take for the oil to cool down?
The oil takes around 30 minutes to cool down. Caution must always be taken when working with hot oil.

How long does the oil last in the machine?
For best results we reccommend that the oil be changed after every 600-800 sticks. Results will vary with the quality of oil being used and best results will be achieved with palm oil. The oil will last longer if it is passed through a filter after use. We can also supply high temperature litmus papers which you can use to test the quality of your oil.

What should we serve the Spiral Poato stick in?
We suggest you serve your spiral sticks to your customers in directly by with an paper napkin/tissues.The customer can handle the stick and happly enjoy. Also if needed you can use the paper tray to serve for the customer.

What should I serve the spiral potato with?
Our most popular topping is always cheese,Tomato,bbq ....... The possibilities are limitless! You can also try with your local flavours.We have salt shakers to spary the powdered flavours on it. You can also serve tomato ketchup,mayonese,Thosand Island ,and alike in liquid format in a small cup.


Questions On Potato Cutting Machines
You say that your  machine is fully automated, what’s the difference between your fully automatic machine and a semi automatic Machine?

Automatic machine-In automatic machine just we need to insert the potato to the stick and grip it to the machine.Once we swtich on, The machine cuts the potato.The motor moves forward and also rotates so that it cuts the potato. Automatic machine=Forward movement+rotation movement by Motor+digital counter Semi automatic mahcine-In semi automatic machine the motor is activated and it rotates. But we need to push the motor forward by hand so that the potato moves forward to the blade. Semi automatic machine=Rotational Movement by motor ,forward movement by hand and no digital counter Manual Machine-Both forward pressure and rotational movement to be given by hand.So its little difficult to cut more no of potatos. Manual Machine-Raotational and forward movement by hand,No digital counter.

Where is the machine made?
The machines are made in the India to a very high standard. The machines are supplied with the industry standard one year warranty.

What is the diffrence between our machines and other machines?
Our cutting machines are Heavy duty and are for commercial use.Our machines are Fully steel and made of 304 Food Grade steel.Our mahcines can cut Ribbon,tornado and curly by changing blades.We do have an Digital Counter for an automatic machine.The machine motor is very heavy duty.This motor is generally used for more heavier application But we have used it for just potato cutting.

How ofen we need to change the blade for the machine?
There is no need to change the blade generally.But you can sharpen it by an sand paper.

How much will it cost to ship the machine to me?
Shipping costs vary from country to country.We are happy to ship Worldwide. Please contact us for shipping costs to individual countries.

How long will it take to ship my machine to me?
Shipping By FEDEX/TNT take 7-10 working days generally.Shipping By sea takes 25-45 days depending on the country

If I am moving the machine after use, how do I get the oil out and how do I store it?
All of our machines are supplied with a removable oil tank. It is an extremely simple process to extract the oil.Just remove the tank and pour it in an suitable metal container. We suggest that the oil be kept in a suitable, sealable, metal container, perhaps one of your empty palm oil cans. Care must be taken when disposing of used oil .

. Where do you suggest I sell ?
Our  machines can be used almost anywhere. Catering trailers are the ideal place to use the machines or our purpose built kiosks. Donuts always go down well at fetes, country fairs, Saturday and Sunday markets, seasonal markets and of course Christmas markets. Our customers also use our machines in shopping centres, cafes, sandwich shops and restaraunts.

Can I run the machine from a petrol generator or Invertor.?
Invertor-The automatic cutting machine or semi automatic machine 25 watts.Can run on an small computer invertor or computer batter back up unit.The usage time depends on the battery size.You can take 600VA(360Watts) computer invertor .So approx you can use the machine continiously for 3-4 hours.
Generator-You can use the whole kiosk system with an 5 kwa Generator.If you want to use just the single heater of the fryer then 3 kwa generator is also enough.

Can I power the  machine from a normal electrical socket?

Yes! machines can be powered from normal,  power sockets . If using an extension cable please make sure that the cable csa (cross sectional area) is sufficient. If using double fryer use 16 amps socket for each wire.
For automatic cutting machine 5amps domestic socket can be used.

How easy is the  machine to clean?
The  machines are easy to clean. The automatic machine can be cleaned with an wet cloth or can be taken to an sink and front part can be washed easily under the sink. The oil can be extracted the oil reservoir can easily be cleaned. Some parts of the machine are dishwasher friendly but not all so care must be taken.

I am interested in establishing my own brand. Can I have my brand name on Machine?
It is possible to brand the machine with your own logo. Please contact us for further information. We have designing team to bulid your own logos,graphics,banner stands,catalogues.If you are interested in establishing your own brand.

Why is your Machine so much cheaper than other similar machines on the market?
We are Direct manfacturers for our machines, we are not selling through middle men so we can keep our costs down. We believe that in the present economic climate it is important that we keep our costs down to a minimum for all our customers. This should allow you to make higher profits and will ensure that our customers come back to us time and time again.

Why do you sell just the recipe of the magic flour.Not the real product?
Magic flour is very easy to make at home.With regular ingredients.So you can make it yourself with one time fee.

What happens if you have a problem with the machine?
The machines have a one year warranty , online technical support and telephone support.